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FEATURING BRYANT WELCH – Millions of Americans have spent the last two years in a prolonged state of anxiety over the state of our nation. Donald Trump’s Presidency has been antithetical to so many of our expectations for who a President should be, how they should function and preside over the Republic, that it has left us bewildered and confused.

Even more confounding is the fact that millions of Americans voted for Trump, and while his support has eroded, there are still far too many that back his insanity no matter what he does.

About ten years ago a clinical psychologist and attorney named Bryant Welch wrote about the state of the American mind. He has now released a new version of the book to tackle our current era.

Bryant Welch, nationally renowned clinical psychologist and attorney. He served as the first Executive Director for Professional Practice of the American Psychological Association (APA). He was an outspoken critic of the APA’s involvement in the Bush-era torture of Iraqis. His book State of Confusion was first released in 2008 and the latest edition of that book, examining the Trump era, is just out.

**This segment was originally broadcast on January 4, 2019.

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