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FEATURING PAUL CORT – Nearly 20 states are joining together to sue the federal government over the freezing of fuel efficiency standards to 2020 levels. Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency made the decision to stop requiring automakers to make more fuel-efficient cars under the leadership of acting EPA head Andrew Wheeler. The Trump Administration invoked a series of bizarre justifications that industry experts have ridiculed.

Trump’s EPA also revoked California’s waiver to operate the Zero Emission Vehicle program – which the state has used to clean up its notoriously toxic air through incentives for electric vehicles.

As a global heat wave envelopes the planet – a clear and damning indicator of climate change – it appears entirely counterproductive to the safety of our species for the Trump administration to revoke one of the federal government’s few tools to reduce carbon emissions.

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Paul Cort, Staff Attorney with Earthjustice.

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