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FEATURING ZAHRA BILLOO – The US Supreme Court early on Tuesday morning issued its decision in the long-awaited case over Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban,” ruling in favor of the President and invoking outrage and disappointment among civil rights groups.

It was the third version of the Trump Administration’s ban that finally made it to the Supreme Court. Lower courts had blocked earlier versions based on Trump’s own tweets that suggested he intended to discriminate against people based on their religious affiliation. But the Supreme Court’s conservatives in a 5-4 decision affirmed Trump’s desires and refused to take his public anti-Muslim statements into consideration.

Justice Stephen Breyer issued his own dissent and was joined by Justice Elena Kagan. Justice Sonia Sotomayor, joined by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg wrote the strongest condemnation of her colleagues’ opinion.

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Zahra Billoo, community organizer, civil rights lawyer, and Director of CAIR-San Francisco.

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