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FEATURING BRADFORD R. KANE – Even as a large majority of the American public supports the coronavirus-related lockdowns of their states, small but vocal groups of protesters, egged on by some city and state level leaders, and most of all provoked by President Trump are calling on governors to “liberate” them from quarantine. They say their liberty is more important than anything including life itself.

Now, a long-time government insider has written a book about what he called Pitchfork Populism and attempted to analyze how American democracy has dramatically changed since the fall of 2016.

Bradford R. Kane, has served in the US Congress as Legislative Counsel to Congresswoman Cardiss Collins; as Counsel to the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Consumer Protection; and as a member of President Clinton’s Task Force on Health Care Reform. He also worked for the state of California as Deputy Controller, Legislation, and then as a Deputy Secretary of Information Technology. His latest book is called Pitchfork Populism: Ten Political Forces That Shaped an Election and Continue to Change America.

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