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FEATURING SARAH LABOWITZ - Republican lawmakers in Texas are vowing to revive a harsh voter suppression bill after Democrats walked out in protest on Sunday leaving them without a quorum. The walk-out took place just days after the GOP-dominated state senate passed the hugely controversial S B 7 which has been likened to “Jim Crow 2.0.” The 67-page bill includes such extreme anti-voting measures as banning drive-through voting and 24-hour voting, putting tough requirements for absentee voting, and requiring anyone driving more than 2 voters not related to them to the polls to sign a form explaining their reason. The bill also took aim specifically at older Black voters by barring early voting before 1 pm on Sundays when church goers have traditionally organized get-out-the-vote efforts for years called “Souls to the Polls.”

President Joe Biden called the bill “an assault on democracy.” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott responded by threatening to withhold lawmakers’ paychecks and his Republican colleagues in Texas are warning they will simply revive the bill in a special legislative session where they could rewrite the bill with even harsher anti-voter provisions. In addition to the governor, Republicans control both legislative chambers in the Texas.

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