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FEATURING DR. MARGARET FLOWERS – Democrats are under fire for muddying the waters on an effort to pass Medicare-for-all legislation. Lawmakers in the House where the Democrats hold a decisive majority, have introduced at least 8 bills on healthcare that critics are casting as “Medicare-for-some.” Among them are Senator Sherrod Brown who is considering a run for President and has introduced a bill allowing only retiring police and firefighters access to the Medicare system before they hit retirement age. Brown said, “It’s easy to say ‘Medicare for All’ and make a good speech, but see no action.” According to Politico, the bills, “range from modest Medicare reforms to more ambitious restructurings that would extend government-run care to millions of new patients — an array of options that fall short of campaign trail promises for full Medicare for All.”

A lobby group named Protect Our Care, which is invested in strengthening Obamacare has been developing messaging for Democrats on the issue. Also deeply concerned about Medicare-for-All is the health insurance industry that sees an existential threat from a government-run system. Meanwhile there is greater public support for a fully government-run Medicare-for-All system than ever before. A new Kaiser poll found that 71% of Americans support guaranteed health insurance as a right for all.

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Dr. Margaret Flowers, Pediatrician, advocate for single payer health care and justice. She is also the Co-director Popular Resistance, co-host Clearing the FOG and former candidate for US Senate and is with the group Health Over Profit for Everyone.

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