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FEATURING RACHEL O’LEARY CARMONA – Democratic Senator Cory Booker on Thursday upended the confirmation hearings of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by threatening to release documents about the nominee marked “confidential,” and then releasing them. The Senator decided that there was no official rule that he was breaking and dared the Republicans on the committee to launch any formal charges or procedures to censure him saying, “bring it.” Senate Democratic leaders backed him including Minority leader Chuck Schumer.

The hearings started out on Tuesday with protests from Democratic Senators and also from members of the audience. Seventy people, mostly women, were arrested, 61 of them from inside the hearing. Helping to coordinate these protests that were a critical symbol of public anger over the Kavanaugh hearings was the Women’s March.

Rachel O’leary Carmona, Chief Operating Officer of the Women’s March

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