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FEATURING DANA FRANK – The caravan of refugees waiting at the US-Mexico border in Tijuana is dominated by Hondurans. There is good reason for that. The Central American nation of Honduras has become an increasingly violent place, plagued by state repression and paramilitary forces. Buåçt it is also a country where resistance has a long history and a powerful protest movement has been pushing back.

Most importantly – and this is a fact that is often obscured in media coverage of Honduras – the United States has played a critical role in undermining democracy in Honduras.

Dana Frank, Professor of History Emerita at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is the author of numerous books including Bananeras: Women Transforming the Banana Unions of Latin America, Buy American: The Untold Story of Economic Nationalism, and more. Since the 2009 military coup her articles about human rights and U.S. policy in Honduras have appeared in The Nation, New York Times, Politico Magazine, Foreign, Foreign, Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, and more. She now joins me to discuss her newest book, The Long Honduran Night: Resistance, Terror, and The United States in the Aftermath of the Coup.

**This segment was originally broadcast on December 5, 2018.

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