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FEATURING KELSEY FREEMAN – American supporters of President Trump routinely echo his simplistic rhetorical flourishes against immigrants to the US. They scream “build the wall” without bothering to understand what it is that drives migration from Central America and Mexico into the US, or what the human cost of that migration is.

Now, a new book written by an American who spent time in Mexico and spoke to migrants heading north attempts to humanize the people who dream of a better life in the US. What they have experienced is harrowing and unlike anything most of us would ever experience.

Kelsey Freeman, writer and educator focusing on immigration policy, indigenous rights, social justice, and public policy. She received a Fulbright fellowship to teach English and study migration in Central Mexico and she currently runs a college readiness program for Native American high school students. Her new book is called No Option But North: The Migrant World and the Perilous Path Across the Border.

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