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FEATURING SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS – Among the many conflicting thoughts of shock that went through my head on election night as I watched the victory of Donald Trump cement was that once upon a time, only a few months ago, we came so close to having a true progressive, with a very real chance of winning, running for President. That man is of course Bernie Sanders, the veteran independent Senator from Vermont who ran as a Democrat against Hillary Clinton during the primary race.

Sanders, who drew support from millennial voters in every demographic in every region, held massive rallies during his candidacy. He inspired millions of Americans to participate in the electoral process, much to the chagrin of establishment Democrats. Corporate media outlets, initially refusing to take him seriously, finally realized, perhaps too late, that the Senator had tapped into a widespread feeling among Americans that our economy was, in his words, “rigged” against us.

Despite his primary loss, Bernie Sanders has used the spotlight that his candidacy offered to continue his political revolution. In a new book called simply “Our Revolution,” Sanders tells his story in first person from his humble origins in Brooklyn, New York, to the United States Senate as an independent from Vermont, and then to the decision to run for President, the complex and daunting challenge of organizing a campaign, and finally the issues that lie before us that desperately need fixing. Our Revolution, published by St. Martin’s Press is just out in book stores now and Mr. Sanders is on a speaking tour which we’ll give you details of later.

Find more about Sen. Sanders’ book tour at

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, former Democratic Presidential candidate, author of the new book Our Revolution.

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