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FEATURING IMARA JONES – President Donald Trump’s supporters for weeks heard their leader claim the election was stolen from him and heard his exhortations to head to Washington DC to “stop the steal.” They listened, they breached the capitol, rampaged through the halls of power, and some it seems intended to take hostages or even murder lawmakers. Now, they are planning armed protests at all 50 state capitols on Inauguration Day. Clearly most Americans were caught off guard by the January 6th attack. Will the coming violence catch us off guard too?

Imara Jones, Founder and Creator of Translash, a cross-platform Journalism and storytelling project which centers the stories and humanity of trans people, especially trans people of color at a time of social backlash, and she is also a Soros Equality Fellow. She just published her analysis of the Capitol attack entitled, “We’ve Entered the Most Dangerous Period of the Trump Era.”

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