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FEATURING DR. PAUL SONG - Thousands of people marched across the U.S. in 50 cities on Saturday July 24th to demand “Medicare for All,” and expand the current free government-run healthcare program to everyone under 65. In California, where Gov. Gavin Newsom made campaign promises to back a single payer bill but has since made little progress on the issue, marches were held in numerous cities. California Assembly member Ash Kalra, the author of a guaranteed healthcare-for-all bill dubbed CalCare, pulled his legislation and will reintroduce it next year with more detail on how to finance it. In Los Angeles where this program is based, my next guest Paul Song, was a featured speaker at the march and rally demanding Medicare-for-All.

Find out more about the July 31st events demanding Medicare for All in Los Angeles and Oakland here:

ERRATUM: Sonali erroneously said Saturday Jul 25th as the date of the Medicare-for-All marches instead of Saturday July 24th.

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