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FEATURING RONNIE CITRON-FINK – Studies have shown that about three-quarters of all American women dye their hair. And yet, the chemicals found in most hair dyes are considered toxic and carcinogenic. Hair salon workers who regularly apply hair dye are far more likely to develop certain kinds of cancer. Government regulatory agencies do not prevent the toxic chemicals from being used in commercially-available hair dyes.

Today we’ll speak with an environmentalist who examined her own decades long reliance on toxic hair dyes, and has written a book about it.

Ronnie Citron-Fink, editorial director for the Environmental Defense Fund’s Moms Clean Air Force. She is also a contributor to A Glorious Freedom: On Being a Woman, Getting Older, and Living an Extraordinary Life. Yahoo named her one of its Top Ten Living Green Experts. Her new book is called True Roots: What Quitting Hair Dye Taught Me About Health and Beauty.

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