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FEATURING DERRICK O’KEEFE – The annual G7 Summit took place in Quebec, Canada this year, and things went about as badly as expected. Ahead of the summit, US President Donald Trump announced a trade war with Europe and NAFTA allies that confounded even his own staff and party.

Facing angry words from the ordinarily mild-mannered Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron reports began leaking from the White House about a petulant Trump wondering why he had to attend.

But he did attend and while there, wondered out loud why Russia was not a member of the grouping, and disrupted a gender empowerment meeting with his late arrival.

A photo of European leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel facing a stubborn looking Trump with his advisor John Bolton behind him went viral. Merkel remarked that Trump’s messaging around the G7 was “sobering,” and “depressing.”

Meanwhile also in Canada, provincial elections in Ontario resulted in an unexpected win for the party of a Trump-like right-wing populist named Doug Ford.

Derrick O’Keefe, Founding editor of Ricochet Media, writer and activist based in Vancouver, BC. He just announced his candidacy for the Vancouver City Council.

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