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FEATURING RAJASHIK TARAFDER – President Donald Trump is visiting India to solidify ties with one of his most favored international allies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Just a few months after Modi’s visit to the US where thousands of people gathered in Houston, Texas for a joint appearance by Trump and Modi, Trump has now received the same treatment in India, basking in the glow of the pageantry that Modi has rolled out for him.

But as the US President and his wife toured the Taj Mahal, protests that had been on-going against Modi’s new citizenship law designed to exclude Muslims, continued on Monday. In New Delhi police cracked down on dissenters in scenes of violence that sharply contrasted with the images of pomp and celebration that Modi’s government built for the American president and his entourage.

For more information visit The Wire.

Rajashik Tarafder, Graduate Student at Caltech active with the Coalition for Democracy and Secularism in India.

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