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FEATURING KAREN DOLAN – It has been months since the CARES Act expired, leaving millions of unemployed Americans rudderless and with no plan from the federal government to aid them in making ends meet. The Trump administration has flip flopped repeatedly over supporting an extension to jobless benefits and/or a second round of $1,200 stimulus checks while the Republican Party has remained in limbo unsure of what the President actually wants. The House of Representatives has already passed a new $2.2 trillion bill to continue benefits but with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell far more interested in packing the courts with conservatives instead of ensuring families survive, there is little chance it will pass.

Trump, who has been revealed to have paid little to nothing in taxes, has benefitted from socialized medicine at Walter Reed Hospital, $100,000 worth of cutting-edge treatment for his coronavirus affliction, and is now dipping into the Medicare Trust Fund to send $200 drug discount cards with his name on it to older voters ahead of the election.

GUEST: Karen Dolan, Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and the Project Director of their Criminalization of Race and Poverty project

Karen Dolan’s latest article can be found here. Visit the Institute for Policy Studies at

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