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FEATURING PAUL GOTTINGER – Barely had the blood dried along the Hudson River in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday when President Donald Trump began politicizing the truck attack that killed 8 people. The alleged perpetrator, an Uzbek green card holder named Sayfullo Saipov is in custody and after announcing that the diversity visa lottery system was responsible, Trump first considered sending him to Guantanamo, and then simply tweeted that Mr. Saipov deserved the death penalty as soon as possible.

In the wake of the recent Las Vegas shooting in which a white man named Stephen Paddock shot 500 people killing 59, Trump and the GOP were shockingly silent on policy proposals or ideas to prevent future such tragedies. But because a Muslim immigrant man is at the heart of the New York attack, conservatives are gleefully suggesting human rights-violating policy proposals.

Paul Gottinger, US-based journalist writing on war, civil liberties, racism, and terrorism. His work has appeared at The Daily Beast, Middle East Eye, AlterNet, The Real News, and Shadowproof.

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