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FEATURING JIM MANGIA – Donald Trump is turning up the heat on his Republican colleagues to pass the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. In a series of private meetings and phone calls Trump and his team have threatened and cajoled GOP lawmakers, warning that they would lose their seats in the next election if they didn’t support the American Healthcare Act which some are calling Trumpcare.

House Speaker Paul Ryan explained the hole that Republicans have dug themselves into, saying, “We made a promise. Now is our time to keep that promise. … If we don’t keep our promise, it will be very hard to manage this.”

There are Republicans on both sides of the debate with some complaining that the bill doesn’t go far enough to strip Americans of subsidies and others worrying that it will hurt millions in their own base who have managed to get healthcare through the ACA.

Meanwhile Americans have taken to the streets of cities around the country to demand that the Affordable Care Act be kept intact.

LOS ANGELES MARCH: Find about it HERE or at

Jim Mangia, CEO of St John’s Well Child and Family Center, the largest provider of healthcare in South Los Angeles.

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