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FEATURING AVIVA CHOMSKY – The issue of immigration constantly confounds the US particularly during elections. Perhaps it is because of our tortured origins as a settler colonialist nation that prides itself on being a “melting pot,” and a “nation of immigrants,” but whose most welcomed immigrants tend to be white.

Writing about Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and desire to “make America Great Again,” history professor Aviva Chomsky makes the case that the US has a long and sordid history of shaping this nation as one populated by white immigrants. Chomsky also implies that there is actually far less distinction between Republicans and Democrats on immigration than we might imagine.

Read AVIVA’S article on Tom Dispatch HERE.

Aviva Chomsky, professor of history and coordinator of Latin American studies at Salem State University in Massachusetts. Her most recent book is Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal.

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