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FEATURING LABONI HOQ –  President Donald Trump has been relentless in his attacks on immigrants from the very start of his candidacy for President and then during his Presidential tenure. From the “Muslim ban” that he enacted right from the start, to continuous demands to build a border wall, heart breaking family separations of thousands of undocumented children, record breaking detentions, the decimation of refugee programs, the turning away of asylum seekers, and the cancelation of DACA, Trump has made very clear that immigrants are not welcome in the US.

Now, under cover of the coronavirus pandemic, he has launched his latest attack, on legal immigration of US citizens’ family members of the kind that his wife Melania Trump used to bring her parents to the US. He has also banned a large number of work visas including H-1B and other types of visas that help Americans have access to foreign-born health care professionals, engineers and more.

Laboni Hoq, Law Office of Laboni A. Hoq, consulting attorney with Justice Action Center. Her expertise is in immigrants’ rights, workers’ rights and government transparency.

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