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FEATURING PAUL S. RYAN – Donald Trump has spent 25 of his first 100 days as President at his elite, members-only country club in Florida, dubbing it the Winter White House. This is the first time that any sitting President has ever held control of so many businesses. One might expect that such a President would go out of his way to remove the appearance of financial conflicts of interests and other ethical improprieties.

But news reports this week pointed out that the US State Department published a glowing article on its website about Trump’s club – a place he has routinely conducted government business from including meetings with heads of state.

The article was picked up by the websites of several US embassies in countries around the world including the UK. Once discovered, the posts were promptly removed from all government websites. Now, the group Common Cause has filed a complaint about the incident with the State Department and the Office of Government Ethics.

Read the ‘Ethics Complaint Over State Department Promotion of Trump Mar-a-Lago Club’ at

Paul S. Ryan, Vice President of Policy and Litigation at Common Cause.

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