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FEATURING DARRYL JORDAN - The latest United Nations Climate conference that just wrapped up in Glasgow, Scotland, resulted in an agreement that started out as inadequate to meeting the climate catastrophe, and ended up being further watered down to appease oil and gas interests.

The 26th Conference of the Parties, or COP26, drew thousands of delegates representing nearly all of the world’s nations, as well as hundreds of fossil fuel lobbyists who ensured that the dirty energy fueling climate change remains in use.

But there were also thousands of people from around the world representing civil society, Indigenous and frontline groups experiencing the direct effects of climate change, farmers, trade unionists, students, and more. Their job was to push delegates as far as possible toward a phasing out of fossil fuels.

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GUEST: Darryl Jordan, with the East Michigan Environmental Action Council & the It Takes Roots Black Caucus.

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