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FEATURING GARETH PORTER – Saudi Arabia’s on-going war against its impoverished neighbor Yemen, is once more in the news. At least 14 children were killed when the Saudis bombed two schools in Saada over the weekend.

Saudi authorities denied the attack, saying it had targeted a militant training camp instead. In fact, a spokesperson told CNN that the report simply confirms that Yemen’s Houthi rebels recruit and train children.

Yemen’s children have been particularly hard hit as a recent United Nations report revealed. There were six times more deaths of Yemeni children in 2015 than the year before and nearly all were the result of Saudi bombs and attacks.

Saudi Arabia is counting the US as its most important military advisor. It is also the US’s most loyal weapons buyer.

Gareth Porter, investigative journalist specializing in US foreign policy and author of Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare.

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