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FEATURING LANCE SELFA – The Democratic Party has been enjoying minority status in Congress for some years now but the mid-term elections could change all that. Unfortunately rather than take the temperature of how ordinary Americans are feeling and what they are thinking in the era of Donald Trump and Republican domination, Democrats are relying more on redistricting victories, voter registration, and anti-GOP fear mongering.

What they miss is how angry Americans are at both parties, and how there is a resurgence of questioning among young people in particular about capitalism, the two-party system and more.

Now a new anthology aims to challenge the status quo with a collection of essays by socialist writers called US Politics in an Age of Uncertainty: Essays on a New Reality.

Lance Selfa, author of The Democrats: A Critical History, and on the editorial board of the International Socialist Review, and editor of the new book ‘US Politics in an Age of Uncertainty: Essays on a New Reality’.

**This segment was originally broadcast on February 20, 2018.

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