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FEATURING STEVEN ROSENFELD –  Gerard Niemira, chief executive of the tech company Shadow responsible for Monday’s disastrous app failure, said on Wednesday, “We feel really terrible.” He added in an understatement, “I’m really disappointed that some of our technology created an issue that made the caucus difficult.” As more results from Monday’s Iowa caucuses were rolled out two days later, candidates Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders appeared to be the top two winners with Sanders garnering more votes and Buttigieg snagging more delegates.

According to reports, the next caucus, to take place in Nevada, will now not be using the same app as Iowa. As New Hampshire’s primary approaches, what has the fallout of Iowa been and what does it bode for the coming elections?

Steven Rosenfeld, Editor, Chief Correspondent & Senior Writing Fellow for Voting Booth a project of the Independent Media Institute. He spent the week reporting from Iowa.

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