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FEATURING K. SABEEL RAHMAN – Black and brown communities across the United States overwhelmingly showed up to the polls before and during the November 3rd Presidential race, braving the pandemic, to deliver a victory to Democrat Joe Biden. Now, president elect Biden is picking one diverse figure after another for his cabinet positions. When antiwar activists didn’t like his hawkish pick of Michele Flournoy to head the Defense Department he pivoted to African American retired general Lloyd Austin. But rather than represent people of color and women in identity only, how is Biden choosing to reflect – or not – the progressive politics that will address systemic racism and sexism and economic injustice?

K. Sabeel Rahman, President of Demos, Associate Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School, where he teaches constitutional law, administrative law, and courses on law and inequality. He is the author of Democracy Against Domination and Civic Power: Rebuilding American Democracy in an Era of Crisis.

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