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FEATURING JESSICA MASON PIEKLO – Republican Senators closed ranks around President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court appointee on Monday evening casting a nearly party line vote to send Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the nation’s highest court. Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine who is in a tough reelection battle is the only one who voted no, joining all Democrats. Coming just a week before an election where more than 60 million Americans have cast early votes, Barrett’s confirmation process is seen as deeply politicized. The GOP is facing accusations of politicizing the process, being hypocritical in their approach to the court, and ensuring a conservative supermajority among the 9 justices for decades to come.

Jessica Mason Pieklo is Executive Editor of Rewire News Group and co-host of their podcast Boom! Lawyered. She is a writer and adjunct law professor in Boulder, Colorado.

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