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FEATURING DALLAS GOLDTOOTH – The 2017 UN Climate Meeting in Bonn, Germany wrapped up on Saturday, only somewhat meeting the goals that delegates had set out for themselves. The COP23 meeting, taking place two years after the historic Paris Accords were reached, was meant to draft rules and processes for turning the COP21 agreement into action. But, even working through the night at the last possible hour, delegates ended up putting off major issues to 2018.

Among those on the frontlines the environmental activism at COP23 were numerous representatives of indigenous groups and communities from all over the world including the US. The Indigenous Environmental Network in particular confronted promoters of cap-and-trade or carbon pricing saying such schemes were “false solutions” to mitigating the climate crisis. IEN released a new report on carbon pricing during COP23.

Read the carbon pricing report HERE and for more information visit

Dallas Goldtooth,  is a the Keep it in the Ground Organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network.  He is a Dakota cultural/language teacher. He is a co-founder of the Indigenous comedy group, The 1491s. He just returned from the COP23 UN Climate meeting in Bonn, Germany.

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