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FEATURING RON FEIN – Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified in front of two House panels back to back on Wednesday, fulfilling a long-standing Democratic demand that he submit to public questioning about his investigation into Russian election interference.

He opened his testimony at the House Judiciary Committee hearing by reiterating the seriousness of Russian efforts. Several Democrats forced him to reiterate what his report already says: that he did not exonerate President Donald Trump of wrong doing, especially in the section regarding obstruction of justice.

Republicans meanwhile stuck largely to a line of inquiry heard nowhere else but Fox News, raising conspiracy theories and the so-called Steele Dossier, or why resources were not spent on investigating Hillary Clinton instead.

Mr. Mueller appeared at times overwhelmed and hesitant and at other times defiant. He largely stuck to his pre-hearing assertion that he would not say anything beyond what he wrote in the report.

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Ron Fein, Legal Director of Free Speech for People, and a constitutional lawyer who previously served as Assistant Regional Counsel in the US EPA. He is the co-author with John Bonifaz and Ben Clements of the book The Constitution Demands It: The Case for The Impeachment of Donald Trump.

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