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FEATURING KEVIN MARTIN – After canceling his much-anticipated Singapore meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump went ahead with the meeting on early Tuesday morning. The highly photographed handshake between the two leaders was historic. But what else was actually achieved beyond the made-for-TV moment?

Ahead of their discussion Trump optimistically claimed they were, “going to have a great discussion and I think tremendous success, it will be tremendously successful.” He added, “We will have a terrific relationship. I have no doubt.”

It was highly unusual for the two heads of state to meet at the beginning of negotiations rather than near the end of two-party talks between representatives. If the goal of the US government was to denuclearize North Korea as a step toward normalized relations, it remains to be seen whether the two leaders agree on the framework and outcomes of that goal.

Kevin Martin, President of Peace Action and convener of the Korea Peace Network.

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