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FEATURING NATASHA HAKIMI ZAPATA – An estimated one million Britons gathered in London on Saturday in what was considered one of the largest demonstrations in the UK’s history. They were mobilized on the day that the British Parliament was scheduled to vote on a new Brexit deal negotiated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson with the European Union in the face of a looming October 31st deadline. Protesters demanded a new referendum on Brexit and a desire to remain in the EU.

Meanwhile as Mr. Johnson characterized his deal as, “the greatest single restoration of national sovereignty in parliamentary history,” MPs refused to vote on Saturday and similarly stymied him on Monday. They want Johnson to ask the EU for another delay to achieve a deal. The EU has said it would not grant a delay.

Natasha Hakimi Zapata, Foreign Editor for Her latest report for Truthdig is called ‘Boris Johnson Will Ruin Britain or Cry Trying‘.

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