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FEATURING MARCY WHEELER – The news of Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen accepting payments from corporations like AT&T and Novartis for access to the President is the latest report to emerge from the tangled web of Robert Mueller’s investigation. Cohen also received payments from an American firm with ties to a Russian oligarch. Reports of the payments were revealed by Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress who said had an affair with Trump and was given hush-money to keep it quiet.

Meanwhile a tug-of-war continues between the White House and Mueller’s team over the Special Counsel’s one-on-one interview with Trump. Mueller has reportedly turned down a request by Trump’s lawyers for the President to give his answers in writing. Mueller’s list of questions for Trump was leaked to the New York Times, and many have speculated that the leak emerged from the White House.

Marcy Wheeler, independent journalist specializing in civil liberties, privacy, and the “war on terror.” She blogs at

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