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FEATURING CHRIS PATTERSON – After Portland, Oregon became the first test case of the limits to which Donald Trump is exercising his executive power, Chicago, Illinois appears to be the second test case for the deployment of federal officers. Mayor Lori Lightfoot has already denounced the idea.

The US Department of Homeland Security is planning on sending 150 of its officers to Chicago to battle what Trump has claimed is rising violence amid anti-police protests.

Chicago is a favorite target of rightwing media for its high levels of gun violence and this week 15 people were shot in a drive-by shooting outside a funeral home. If Chicago needs help with violence, ostensibly, gun violence would be the main issue. But it is not clear how armed federal officers would even address it.

One organization in the city that has taken what it calls a “hyper local” “Kingian” response to violence is the Institute for Nonviolence.

Chris Patterson, Senior Director of Program and Policy at the Institute for Nonviolence Chicago.

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