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FEATURING CLIFF ALBRIGHT – The legal team representing Georgia’s Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams held a press conference on Thursday saying that until all the votes were counted, Ms. Abrams would not accept the official election results.

Her opponent Brian Kemp, who has distinguished himself by perhaps the most egregious voter suppression tactics this election, resigned from his position as Secretary of State on Thursday morning and declared victory as Governor elect.

Meanwhile in Florida, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis’ lead against Andrew Gillum has fallen dangerously close to the required recount margin. There are apparently still tens of thousands of ballots that had not yet been tallied.

Both Florida and Georgia’s gubernatorial races were characterized by contentious racist attacks on the two black candidates by the Trump-backed white candidates. Voters justifiably fear foul play in the vote counts.

Cliff Albright, Cofounder of Black Voters Matter, Radio Host, Writer, Consultant, Social Justice Activist.

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