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FEATURING ARUN GUPTA – An interesting email came through my personal website recently from a person identifying themselves as Dominic Perez, with the email address The subject: Trump. The message (and I’m editing for FCC rules here): “[EFF] YOU, you Left wing [C-word] Americans are tired of your filth and WE WANT TRUMP.”

We are living at an extremely dangerous moment in American history and that one email is just a tiny example of the vitriol that has emerged from a combination of racial resentment and economic injustice.

The latest polls show Donald Trump edging Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by a few percentage points in key swing states. Clearly Clinton is not doing enough to even try to win over disaffected Americans even though this election is hers to lose.

But whether Trump wins or loses, he appears to have an unleashed a tsunami of anger that will likely remain strong even after November 8.

Arun Gupta, an investigative journalist who has written for dozens of publications including the Washington Post, the Guardian, The Nation, and Salon. He writes regularly at teleSUR English. He was a founding editor of the Occupy Wall Street Journal. He has covered numerous Trump rallies.

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