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FEATURING IRENE CALIMLIM – The gender gap persists in so many industries, often greater for women of color. One such gap in the field of medicine was the subject of a recent study. The Greenlining Institute together with the Artemis Medical Society published a report called Breaking Down Barriers for Women Physicians of Color. In it researchers found that less than 12% of all physicians in the US are women of color. And, among doctors of color in general, there were far fewer women than men.

The study points out that, “Per the 2010 census, people of color are already the majority in four states, and by 2050, women of color will be the majority of all women in the United States.”

So why are so few women of color able to become doctors?

Download the report HERE.

Irene Calimlim, Bridges to Health Intern at The Greenlining Institute and co-author of the study, Breaking Down Barriers for Women Physicians of Color.

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