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FEATURING LUCY DUNCAN – More than 30 clergy members of various faiths were arrested at the US border between San Diego and Tijuana on Monday. The inter-faith group engaged in an act of civil disobedience to try to conduct a prayer for “migrant justice” at the border when they were arrested and dispersed.

The action, organized by the American Friends Service Committee and dubbed “Love Knows No Borders,” was aimed at drawing attention to the on-going plight of the large number of refugees who traveled together in a caravan and who have been stuck in Mexico waiting for the US to process their asylum applications.

President Trump has said that his harsh anti-immigrant policies and border militarization has resulted in migrants deciding to turn back and return to their own countries. While a few may have decided to return it appears as though a majority of the refugees remain at the border.

Lucy Duncan, Director of Friends Relations at American Friends Service Committee (AFSC).

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