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FEATURING ISAIAH POOLE – Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unveiled a major plan on Tuesday focused on “technology and innovation,” the two buzzwords favored most by the corporate world. Her plan includes a college debt relief program, greater investment in startup companies, and computer science teacher training.

But Clinton’s plan is already coming under attack for being too focused on a sector of society that needs far less help than low-income communities and other industries.

According to my guest Isaiah Poole, “Clinton may not have done this intentionally, but she has offered a proposal that fits neatly into the ‘makers vs. takers’ right-wing narrative of the economy, one that exalts the so-called ‘job creators’ but offers little if anything to the people doing those jobs.”

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Isaiah Poole, editor of, formerly with the Congressional Quarterly. He is a founding member of the Washington Association of Black Journalists and the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.

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