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FEATURING WILLIAM W. GOLDSMITH – A common theme emerging in the aftermath of the disastrous Presidential election was that Donald Trump’s win was a cry of desperation from America’s white working class communities, particularly in rural counties. Many have held fast to that notion, making the case that the government needs to implement policies to lift up that particular demographic.

But in study after study we find that Americans in cities, particularly poor people of color, are struggling just as much if not more. Sadly local, statewide, and national policies have failed urban communities for decades. Now, my guest Bill Goldsmith, an expert on city planning, has written a new book about how authorities can implement progressive policies that have been shown to work, in order to alleviate the struggles of city dwellers.

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William W. Goldsmith, Professor Emeritus of City and Regional Planning at Cornell University, co-author of Separate Societies: Poverty and Inequality in US Cities. His new book is called Saving Our Cities: A Progressive Plan To Transform Urban America.

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