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FEATURING MARY BOTTARI – Wisconsin’s Republicans are sore losers. The GOP-dominated state government engaged in a brazen power grab this week working feverishly over several days and into the night on Tuesday to pass a sweeping set of bills by early Wednesday curbing the power of incoming Democratic elected officials. They faced thousands of protesters who marched, chanted, rallied, and denounced the GOP’s moves outside the State Capitol.

According to the New York Times, the measures, “limit early voting, require lawmaker approval for the attorney general to settle certain lawsuits, and give lawmakers, not the governor, the majority of appointments on an economic development board. They also prevent [Governor Elect] Tony Evers from banning guns in the Wisconsin Capitol without permission from legislators.” But Republican lawmakers are justifying their move saying it’s simply a way to balance power.

Wisconsin’s current Governor Scott Walker was shocked by his loss to Mr. Evers. He is expected to sign the bills into law as one of his last major acts as Governor.

Mary Bottari, Director of the Center for Media and Democracy‘s Real Economy Project.

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