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FEATURING HOLLYE DEXTER – When NRA’s spokeswoman Dana Loesch’s video we posted to the gun lobby group’s Facebook page, progressives took notice. The 1-minute video was filled with ominous visuals, vaguely worded warnings of threats to freedom, and polarizing language, meeting all the hallmarks of classic propaganda techniques. It did not appear to strike the NRA as ironic that the strongest proponent of arming the US population was claiming the mantle of safety and freedom against the liberal establishment.

In response the Women’s March and a number of other organizations published a statement denouncing the video as “incendiary,” and called on a march on the NRA’s headquarters later this week. Also in response, the Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter issued its own video.

The video wars then continued as another NRA spokesman Grant Stinchfield published a 4-minute long screed identifying Women’s March leader Tamika Mallory by name and image, and angrily wagging his finger at the screen using terms like the “violent left” while saying the NRA would never apologize.

To find out about the Women’s March from NRA to DOJ HERE, and for more information, visit

Hollye Dexter, co-chair of the Women Against Gun Violence Board of Directors.

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