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FEATURING SIMON BILLENNESS – Among the refugees impacted by Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban” are Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar. The Rohingya are a severely persecuted minority in the nation once known as Burma. Advocates point to a well-documented extermination campaign against a people perceived as belonging to neighboring Bangladesh. But Bangladesh has also pushed the Rohingya out and tens of thousands have fled to nations like Indonesia.

Recently a renewed campaign against Rohingya was apparently prompted by the actions of a militant faction of the minority group. Reuters reported that about a thousand people may have been killed by Myanmar’s security forces. And, Human Rights Watch released a disturbing report of the use of systematic rape against Rohingya women as a weapon of war. The genocide of Rohingya Muslims remains one of the most widely ignored in the world.

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Simon Billenness, Executive Director of the International Campaign for the Rohingya

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