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FEATURING MUHAMMAD ZULQARNAIN ABBAS – The US Senate this week is considering a vote to end US support for the Saudi war in Yemen. According to the Washington Post, “A bipartisan group of senators has proposed a spectrum of sanctions focused against the Saudi-led coalition and any other entity fomenting unrest in Yemen. Their bill would also curtail most weapons transfers to Saudi Arabia until the coalition pulls back from its Yemen campaign.”

Meanwhile, a number of prominent figures and former government officials have signed onto a letter urging Congress to end US support for the Yemen war, including noted political analyst and author Noam Chomsky, and former State Secretary Colin Powell.

The World Food Programme in September declared Yemen, “undeniably the world’s worst humanitarian crisis by far.” The impoverished Gulf Arab nation is on the brink of a horrific famine impacting 18 million of its 29 million strong population.

For more information about the organization in the United States visit

Muhammad Zulqarnain Abbas, Country Director of Islamic Relief Worldwide – Yemen Mission.

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