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FEATURING DANIELLE KEANE –  In late September in Massachusetts, a team of state police, National Guard troops, and a helicopter raided a house to confiscate marijuana plants. Their target was an eighty-one year old woman named Margaret Holcomb who was growing one single cannabis plant behind her raspberry bushes to help her with pain relief. If it sounds like a ridiculous waste of tax dollars to raid and confiscate a single plant from an elderly woman’s house, several states agree that it’s time to address this issue.

On this November’s ballot, in addition to the high-profile presidential race, voters in 5 states will decide on Marijuana legalization measures. Those states are Arizona, California, Maine, Nevada, and Holcomb’s state of Massachusetts. If those measures pass, the five states will join Washington state and Colorado where there are already regulations in place on marijuana sales.

Find more about these measures at

Danielle Keane, Political Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

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