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FEATURING DAVID MASSEY AND DAWN KIRK-ALEXANDER – The Black Lives Matter movement has been so effective at drawing attention to the epidemic of police killings of African Americans that the issue has become a Presidential election talking point. It is raised during debates and covered in the news.

Yet in practical terms, there seem to be no uptick in violent cops being indicted, charged, or convicted for their crimes even when killings are caught on video. Could it be that the justice system is rigged in favor of police and against African Americans?

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David Massey, Director/Producer is an Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker.  He is the first African American in the history of the Academy Awards to be nominated for an Oscar in the Live-Action Short Film category. Massey is currently the co-chair of the Black Association of Documentary Filmmakers, West (BAD-West). He has received several prestigious awards, and an induction into The Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame.  Additionally, Massey is a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Dawn Kirk-Alexander, Producer/Writer of When Justice Isn’t Just. Dawn is also currently the Producer and Writer of the award-winning documentary They Are Not All Lost, which focuses on youth of color. She is a winner of the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame Award and a finalist with the Carl Sautter Memorial Scriptwriting Competition.

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