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FEATURING KEVIN ZEESE – Venezuela’s President Nicholas Maduro won a second term on May 20th in a vote that has been widely criticized in Western media. Mr. Maduro, who is seen as the political successor to the late charismatic socialist President Hugo Chavez, drew nearly 70% of votes in an election where turnout was low compared to earlier elections.

Anti-government forces had called for an election boycott in the lead up to the vote. The US had slammed the election as unfair even before it took place and has threatened to slap Venezuela with stronger sanctions.

Venezuela’s economy has been struggling for years in part due to lull in global oil prices.

Read Zeese’ article ‘Regime Change Fails: Is A Military Coup or Invasion of Venezuela Next?’, HERE.

Kevin Zeese, Co-Director of Popular Resistance, who traveled to Venezuela for the recent presidential election.

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