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FEATURING MICHAEL IDOV – The issue of Russia, its role and motivations in the US election, and its bold, brash President, are all subjects of American curiosity. It is tempting to dismiss this entire nation as personified by Vladimir Putin, a one-dimensional, nefarious villain whose primary goal is to undermine American democracy. The reality is far more complicated. Exploring some of the cultural aspects of this misunderstood nation is Michael Idov.

Idov is an award winning magazine writer and screenwriter who was invited to become GQ Russia’s editor-in-chief after his novel Ground Up became a sensation in Moscow. After spending 3 years there, Idov wrote a memoir called Dressed Up For a Riot.

Michael Idov, award winning journalist who worked for New York Magazine; screenwriter, author of the novel Ground Up, editor of GQ Russia fro 2012 to 2014. His new book is called Dressed Up for a Riot: Misadventures in Putin’s Moscow.

**This segment was originally broadcast on April 11, 2018.

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