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FEATURING LEAH Y. PARKS – When climate justice activists demand an immediate transition to renewable energy and a moratorium on fossil fuels, they are often dismissed by political elites as utopian idealists. But the fact is, we have the technology now, and the financial capability to do exactly what climate justice demands from us. If we humans are to survive as a species we have got to stop extracting petroleum created millions of years ago and stored deep within the ground, and we have got to stop burning it to power our industries and lifestyles. We have instead, got to power every thing we do with electricity that is generated from easily available, renewable, and low-pollution sources of electricity: solar and wind and more.

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Leah Y. Parks, associate editor of and Electricity Daily. She is the co-author with S. David Freeman of the new book, ‘All-Electric America: A Climate Solution and the Hopeful Future’.

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