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FEATURING ANDREW PATRICK – Saturday night saw the worst mass shooting by a single shooter in modern US history. An Afghan American named Omar Mateen has been identified by law enforcement as the shooter in a massacre at a gay club in Orlando called Pulse that left 50 people dead and 53 hospitalized. Immediately media outlets claimed he had pledged allegiance to ISIS and labeled it a terrorist attack. The shooter, who was among those who died, was an employee of the global security firm G4S.

On the same weekend that the horrific massacre took place, in Orlando as well, the Voice star Cristina Grimmie was fatally shot by a white American man named Kevin James Loibl. A black woman named Jessica White was killed in the Bronx while shielding her three children from a shooter in a park. And, a Latino man named Juan David Villegas Hernandes has been identified as the shooter in the murder of his wife and four children.

It has been a bloody weekend.

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Andrew Patrick, Deputy Communications Director at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

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