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FEATURING MELEIZA FIGUEROA – The stifling of academic freedom and free speech on American university campuses has a long and sordid history that includes the witch hunts of the McCarthy period. Today we see a resurgence in attacks against college professors and instructors who focus their work on issues like Israeli apartheid, the Antifa response to white supremacy, or even socialist and Marxist forms of government.

One such professor is Dr. David Palumbo-Liu, a well-known Stanford University Professor of Comparative Literature who helped to co-founded the Campus Antifascist Network. He has been dubbed by the Stanford Review as the university’s “most Radical Professor.”

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Meleiza Figueroa, PhD Candidate in Geography at UC Berkeley, Press Director for the Stein/Baraka 2016 Presidential campaign, and Executive Producer of the Green News Network. She has been a longtime political educator and organizer, involved in a wide range of movements for social and environmental justice in California including the Campus Antifascist Network. She is also a political correspondent for Rising Up With Sonali.

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